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  1. Gender equality

    Employers in Peru promote women’s empowerment in business with ILO support

    13 March 2019

    The Bureau for Employers' Activities of the ILO (ACT/EMP) has supported the CONFIEP in the creation of the Working Committee "Action for Equality", an instance that will help accelerate the closing of gender gaps in the business environment

  2. Business Disability Network

    The Bureau for Employers' Activities (ACT/EMP) is instrumental to the creation of the India Business Disability Network (IBDN)

    24 January 2019

    The India Business Disability Network (IBDN), the India chapter of ILO’s Global Business Disability Network (GBDN) was set with the support of ACTEMP and the ILO Office for South Asia in New Delhi.

  3. ILO 100

    ILO100 A year for celebration and reflection

    23 January 2019

    In 2019, the ILO is celebrating its 100th anniversary. The Centenary is an opportunity to celebrate the ILO’s achievements, reaffirm its position as the authoritative global organization for the world of work and reflect about the future.

  4. News

    “Our Story, Your Story” the new website to commemorate the ILO Centenary

    09 January 2019

    “Our Story, Your Story” provides an immersive, multimedia journey, through the ILO’s past, present and future. The new ILO website will be rolled out a chapter at a time. Each chapter covers a specific area of ILO work and undertakes a reflection on key achievements of the organization and sets the course for the Organization’s future, as major transformations continue to impact on the world of work.

  5. Publication

    Women in business and management: Gaining momentum in the Caribbean. Caribbean factsheet.

    28 September 2018

  6. Publication

    Women in business and management: Gaining momentum in the Caribbean

    28 September 2018

    This report presents the business benefits of implementing gender diversity initiatives for the Caribbean sub-region. Drawing on the research and results of a company survey conducted by the ILO in 2017 of 675 companies across 13 countries and territories in the Caribbean, the report takes stock of progress for women in business and management and outlines company initiatives on gender diversity as well as priority areas for future improvement.

  7. News

    Better and More Sustainable Jobs in Namibia

    17 July 2018

    Political, economic, social and environmental situations of the enabling business.

  8. Op-Ed

    Skills for the future: not as technical as you think

    30 April 2018

    By Deborah France-Massin, Director of the Bureau for Employers' Activities at the International Labour Organization (ILO)

  9. Regional report

    Gaining momentum in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

    29 March 2018

    The report brings together data collected from an ILO global company survey and incorporates latest research and labour market information from Eastern Europe and Central Asia to explore the status of women in business and management across the region.

  10. Publication

    Women’s Economic Empowerment: Good practices

    09 March 2018

    This publication highlights key findings of a survey of employers’ organizations and companies conducted by the International Organisation of Employers in partnership with the ILO Bureau for Employers’ Activities (ACT/EMP) to better understand their experiences in promoting women’s economic empowerment as an enabler for growth and build a knowledge base of good practices from around the world. Three separate sections are available.