Women in business and management

MALKIA - Women Managers Rise Up: Skilling for Success

ITC-ACT/EMP launched MALKIA a new online training. MALKIA is a learning and coaching package for women managers with team responsibilities.

News | 30 September 2020
Despite some progress, women are still under-represented in leadership positions.

The problem is especially acute for women line managers, who play a crucial role in business operations on a daily basis as the leaders of their teams and as a liaison between staff and upper management.
ITC-ACT/EMP has launched a new online training tool called MALKIA. MALKIA which is a learning and coaching package for women managers with team responsibilities includes a 5-week online course that combines learning and mentoring. Because achieving gender diversity in all spheres of society is the RIGHT and the SMART thing to do.

In a business world defined by complexity, disruption, and change, today’s most successful enterprises are those that bring diverse perspectives and experiences to each new challenge. However, substantial efforts are still required to empower more women to rise-up to middle and top management positions.
Malkia includes:

# ORIENTATION Information on gender biases at the workplace and self-assessment tool
# LEARNING Interactive learning modules on key managerial skills and opportunities to practice through simulations
# COACHING Personal action planning, guidance, and tips
# RESOURCES A library to go deeper, a video playlist to get inspired, and webinars to get live access to a community of peers

Join Malkia for a five-week ITCILO online course, from 9 November to 11 December 2020.

For more information see: www.bit.ly/malkia-online