Employers Confederation of the Philippines launches eCampus after the outbreak of the COVID-19 crisis

International Labour Organization’s Bureau of Employers’ Activities (ILO ACT/EMP) and the International Training Centre of the International Labour Organization (ITCILO) support ECOP having its own digital classroom

News | 30 September 2020
Since outbreak of the COVID-19 crisis, EBMOs have exercised leadership in the business community and shaped solutions and knowledge in response. Communication increase through webinars, web-meetings and e-trainings has brought some positive impact in terms of efficiency, cost-saving and expansion of participation. Crisis has potentially increased the value and attention paid to the role of EBMOs. A renewed appreciation can be felt for representative business organizations and the role they play in providing timely information and services and shaping relevant policy for business sustainability and continuity. In the post-pandemic era, EBMOs need to explore digital technology and move towards offering more online services and e-training. The biggest challenge is determining how best EBMOs can prepare for the post-COVID crisis era and actively engage in training their member companies. This will determine whether EBMOs continue to be seen as relevant and whether they can contribute to enterprise development and attaining sustainable development goals.

Even prior to the pandemic, the Employers Confederation of the Philippines (ECOP) has long dreamed of having its own digital classroom. And finally, this is the case! ECOP’s online classes are happening today.
In July 2020, ECOP finally unveiled its e-Campus shortly after a soft launch back in April at the height of the Luzon-wide enhanced community quarantine. In July through September 2020, ECOP conducted a variety of e-training programmes entitled, “How to Effectively Manage Remote Employees and Teams,” “Designing New Work Policies in the Post COVID-19 World,” “How to Comply with Labor Standards,” “Creating an Effective Performance Management System,” “Workplace Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) under a Risk-controlled Scenario,” “Fundamentals on Reputation and Crisis Management,” and “Designing Climate Surveys to Assess Employee Wellbeing during the COVID-19 Pandemic.”
ECOP eCampus is a learning management system platform that allows participants to learn anywhere they want and at any time. Through it, ECOP can offer courses and programs either fully online or through a blended approach. It also has the potential to reach more people interested in training, including those from the farthest regions.

The platform is also a repository of learning materials (videos, articles, PowerPoint presentations, and other relevant learning content) which can reinforce online and face-to-face programmes. The eCampus also features an online messaging system where participants within a cohort can engage in discussion with each other, share their thoughts about the lessons, share company best practices, and ask clarifying questions and seek advice from the lecturers. Participants can also access a self-paced learning system, where they watch recorded videos, answer self-paced questionnaires, evaluate the programme, and receive online certificates.
With almost three months in operation, ECOP has already benefited from the eCampus, which has scaled up the services offered to the Confederation’s clientele. The eCampus provides training participants with a platform to engage, share contents, and interact with fellow participants, as well as with mentors. It has also increased the quality of training programmes that ECOP has been offering.
Available courses revolve around topics on industrial relations, human resource management, occupational safety and health, entrepreneurship, management development, and employee development. More courses will be added soon to beef up the platform. By 2021, the eCampus will be launching its self-paced learning format.

This learning management system is made possible through partnership with the International Labour Organization’s Bureau of Employers’ Activities (ILO ACT/EMP) and the International Training Centre of the International Labour Organization (ITCILO) based in Turin, Italy with the support from the Disney Project. ACT/EMP has long been a staunch supporter of ECOP in its programmes on advocacy and capacity building, while ITCILO has long partnered in providing blended learning opportunities to its company members. To access the ECOP eCampus platform, visit https://ecampusecop.itcilo.org/.

Dong Eung Lee, Senior Specialist on Employer’s Activities, DWT-BKK
Sandro Pettineo, Programme Officer, Employers Activities Programme, ITCILO