ILO supports better performance of the dairy sector in Egypt

The ILO and the Chamber of Food Industries (CFI), member of Egypt’s offical employer organization, the Federation of Egyptian Industries (FEI) collaborate to enhance the performance of the dairy value chain in Egypt by engaging key market actors.

News | 28 September 2020
Within the framework of the ILO-EYE: RAWABET project, and in partnership with the Ministry of International Cooperation, and the Chamber of Food Industries (CFI) within the Federation of Egyptian Industries (FEI); Egypt’s official employers organization, Danone Egypt, one of the leading food companies in the MENA region, recently collaborated with “Al Pharaonia Group”, a milk collection center located in the governorate of Gharbia. The milk collection center was upgraded through the Norway-funded ILO project, Egypt Youth Employment (EYE): Jobs and Private Sector Development in Rural Egypt (RAWABET), and will supply crude milk collected from the center to the food company.

The ILO has been collaborating with the CFI as a partner within the implementation of the dairy value intervention; the CFI’s role has been mostly facilitating the engagement of lead firms like Danone within the dairy intervention, towards developing the overall performance of the dairy sector in Egypt.

The main objective of private-sector engagement is to improve the performance of the different actors within the core value chain, while also strengthening the whole market system- enterprises, business relationships, financial networks and the business environment – in a way that can drive competitiveness and job creation in different sectors. This partnership is one of the ILO "RAWABET" project’s achievements towards developing the dairy sector in Egypt through involving and integrating all of its market players, including the leading firms, in order to promote the integration of small producers and small and medium-sized enterprises into the value chain. Additionally, it also plays a major role towards creating a socio-economic linkage, and promoting the private sector development in Egyptian rural areas.