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Disaster and conflict resilience

With more and more of the world's vulnerable and poor living in States now deemed fragile, Employer and Business Membership Organizations (EBMOs) can play a crucial role in preparing for and delivering assistance in areas affected by disaster or conflict.

The private sector is widely referenced as a critical actor in conflict-affected zones particularly in providing vital goods and services during conflict and as a key contributor to rebuilding economies and communities post-conflict. EBMOs are uniquely positioned to positively contribute to the challenges posed by conflict because of their inclusivity, power, size, partnerships and provision of key skills.

In disaster prone areas or in the immediate aftermath of disaster, the private sector can assist, for example, in re-establishing power and communication services or providing an area for warehousing relief goods. EBMOs can help the private sector get back on its feet after a disaster. Their role could include facilitating agreements between key service providers; promoting wider awareness of business contingency planning for small- and medium-sized enterprises and tools that support them; and advocating for clean loans with low interest rates, deferred loan repayment schemes, and tax exemption, and reduction measures.

The Bureau for Employers' Activities has been working to provide EBMOs and their members with knowledge products, tools and training to support and highlight the important role they can play.